Welcome to Lincoln Chinese Cultural Association

The Lincoln Chinese Cultural Association (LCCA) is a non-profit organization in Lincoln Nebraska. It is committed to providing social, civic and community educational services to its members and the broader Lincoln community. It strives to promote Chinese cultural heritage and mutual understanding among all races and ethnic groups in the community.

Join LCCA! Our events are largely supported by membership fees, $20 for a family membership and $10 for an individual. We also welcome donations, which are tax deductible. Membership fee and donations can be mailed to LCCA, 9305 Ravenwood Lane, Lincoln, NE 68526 along with your name, home address and email.

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First Day of LCCA Lincoln Chinese Academy

LCCA Lincoln Chinese Academy was off a very successful the first day of the summer school on June 4th. All the teachers were very enthusiastic and the students were very eagerly participating the classroom activities. We received many good comments afterward. LCA appreciates your continuous support and encouragement toward the school.


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2017 LCCA Dragon Boat Festival Celebration

The Dragon Boat Festival celebration held by LCCA on June 3rd at Holmes Lake continues to be a great success, attracting hundreds of local Chinese as well as Americans. The authentic Chinese food, Lion Dance, Kung Fu, Introduction of LCCA Lincoln Chinese Academy, and Canoe Racing were enjoyed by the large crowd.

Event Highlight: Gallery

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Dragon Boat Festival Potluck & LCA Summer School Kickoff

Please mark your calendar for our annual Dragon Boat Festival potluck on June 3rd (Saturday) at 5:00pm at the Holmes Lake Park shelter #1. We have planned many activities for children as well as for adults for this event. LCCA Lincoln Chinese Academy’s summer school starts soon, let’s kick off the school with the party!

Since it is a potluck party, we would like each family to bring two dishes and each individual to bring one dish. LCCA will provide drinks, silverware and some additional food.

We look forward to seeing you and your family at the party!

Location: Holmes Lake shelter #1
Time: 5:00pm on 06/03/2017

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LCCA Lincoln Chinese Academy – Summer School Registration Starts Now

Summer courses registration of LCCA Lincoln Chinese Academy starts NOW, please register by submitting the online form at:
林肯华协中文学校暑期班将于六月四日开课, 网上报名正式启动, 请在线提交以上报名表完成注册. 期待大家踊跃报名, 也希望大家为华协中文学校广为宣传, 谢谢!
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Please Vote For Logo and Mascot of Lincoln Chinese Academy

Please Vote For Logo and Mascot of Lincoln Chinese Academy Link to Vote: https://goo.gl/forms/hQb7bHAWTFY9GRUM2 华协中文学校校徽及吉祥物的票选活动开始了!!! 首先感谢所有参加的大朋友,小朋友,及家长们。 截至4月22日,我们一共收到了二十余份参选作品,请您於五月四日之前帮学校选出您心目中的最佳作品。我们将于五月七日下午的说明会上公布结果。

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